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Welcome to yCrowd

Hi there! “yCrowd” stands for “Youth Crowd” – a project that we created, to enable you to publish all the great creative ideas that you have. yCrowd is dedicated to those who are young – both in age and mindset or just feel that way. We relate to those who are still inspired, eager to achieve something, creative or just curious what will happen if they try to start a crowdfunding project.

Here, we shall try to connect such ‘young’ individuals with all the supporters that they are able to reach. Use this platform as a Youth Entrepreneurial Creativity Hub – enjoy yourselves and create something!

yCrowd Features

  • PayPal Secure Payments

    yCrowd is built with integrated PayPal system, which enable us to securely manage the campaigner’s funds. PayPal is a proven and trusted name in transaction processing.
  • Various Categories

    You can start your own crowdfunding campaign in many categories, focused on youth – Arts, Music, Sports, Publishing, Technology, Environment, Education, Social. We also have the “Other” category for all your funky ideas! Be careful though – we shall consider them only if they are suitable for the general public.
  • All-or-nothing backer approach

    You only receive your pledges if you hit your target. This is best suited for projects that need to reach a set target to be able to carry out their aims. If you don't hit your project target, no money will be taken from your backers. Your backers will receive an email informing them that the project has not reached its target and that they will not be charged. You'll not be charged any fees if an 'all or nothing' project does not reach it's target.

  • Reward-based Crowdfunding

    We play by clear rules and we have a specific profile - yCrowd is a reward-based crowdfunding platform. Choose freely the type of rewards you can put in for your backers. No charity, equity or lending with us tough, sorry.
  • Cross-border Projects

    We are aiming to go beyond borders – you can consider launching your project in your home country, but it might as well receive some international support – be creative, try to go beyond borders!

Join yCrowd and create your dreams!

Youth Entrepreneurial Creativity Hub